Equine Shiatsu in Spain

PRE tammaWe are Equine Shiatsu Friends and Equine Shiatsu Practitioners from Finland. We had a dream… All three of us… To do something significant… With horses and equine shiatsu… So dreams come true. We take a long-term dream and go to do equine shiatsu in Spain. First time ever in Spain! Two days Equine Shiatsu Introductory Course to deepen your understanding of your horse. To help horses.

Please, follow our story:

Anne: ”I was first time in Spain with Equine Shiatsu in spring 2013. My daughter was working on Sarah Jane Clarke stable (http://www.elite-andalusians.com/) and I did some shiatsu work over there within my holiday. It was awesome! And I promised to come back :) When I heard about the possibility of return to the sun of Spain and work with those sensitive horses, I was excited. Yes! Now it is the right time to come back!”

Susanna: ”I’ve long dreamed of someday being able to help rescued horses or dogs. But I thought it would take years to raise enough money to take a half year ’holiday’, grab my ’money bag’ and travel somewhere to personally give my donation to someone I wanted to help. I thought… that was the only way I could be really sure that my donation was well spent. When Rita called and told me about her idea for equine Shiatsu at Easy Horse Care, my skin broke out in goosebumps and I thought: ’Thank you, Universe, this is it!’ Even before I have raised that bag of money, I can help with Shiatsu.”

Rita: ”In Finland, after giving to a horse a Shiatsu treatment, I always give the owner homework to keep the benefit of my Shiatsu going for longer. I also think that everyone who has a horse or who deals with horses should do a Shiatsu introduction course, just as everyone needs a licence before they can drive a car. Last but not least, the work done at Easy Horse Care is so incredibly amazing that I want to help Sue and Rod in any way I can and give all my heart to the rescued horses.”

3.3.2017 Conil, Andalucia, Spain, https://www.elite-andalusians.com/

On our way… Some Equine Shiatsu for our friends.



For these horses we gave shiatsu for deep abdominal muscles to find and rebild muscles on the back, lymfa, hormonal balance and of course get the joy back on daily basics.


On our way to Alicante we have noticed that Shiatsu is a common language between us and the animals. No matter where you from or what language you speak. 

9.3.2017 Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre, Rojales, Alicante, Spain



Now finally we three are together and at Rescue Centre. First contact to these remarkable horses.

They are in good hands now and we started few shiatsu dialogies today and they told that we are very welcome to begin the Equine Shiatsu Introductory Course tomorrow.


See how George enjoying Shiatsu: Takes two to tango

10.-11.3.2017 Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre, Rojales, Alicante, Spain

Here some feelings of the Course. Participants practised with horses and donkeys.



See more videos and pics: https://www.facebook.com/EasyHorseCare/?fref=ts and full event details: https://www.facebook.com/events/186760755130654/

This have been unbelievably fantastic journey into the world of shiatsu with these participants, horses and donkeys. It was so awesome to work with rescued horses and donkeys. We hope that we can continue this work in Spain. Thank you all!


Read more about Equine Shiatsu: https://www.horses-shiatsu.com/ or https://www.equineshiatsu.org/

More information of equine shiatsu or our journey: annehakala(at)hevosshiatsu.fi